Lilypie Maternity tickers

Lilypie Maternity tickers

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Almost 9 Weeks!

As each day goes by, it becomes more and more a reality that we are in deed expecting. John 1:16 seems to say it best. "From the fullness of grace, we have received one blessing after another." I have been extremely nauseous during this past week. I'm talking 24/7. I have been on blogs talking with other girls that are going through the same thing and have been getting lots of good advice. I am going to stop by a maternity store today to pick up some 'pregnancy pops.' I will talk to Dr. Morris on 4/6 to find out about any other remedies for such nauseaousness. I really have to force myself to eat as nothing sounds good and everything I try to eat makes me want to gag. 6 days until we tell Mom and Dad McCarty and Uncle David. We will tell Aunt Trina on 4/7. Can't wait!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sharing the News!

Deb, Trent's mom, got into town yesterday. We knew we were going to tell her while she was here I just didn't expect it to be the first thing we told her. Trent really wanted to tell his dad before he told anyone in the family, but was unsuccessful in getting him on the phone when he tried calling. Right when Deb, Aunt Patty and Uncle Greg arrived, Brad decided to call! Trent took the phone call in the garage and told Brad the exciting news. I went out to check on him and the waterworks were flowing! Trent's eyes were all bloodshot. Everyone was wondering where T ran off to, especially since they just arrived. I told them he was on the phone with work and tried to keep them occupied so Deb wouldn't go into the garage. After Trent hung up with Brad he told me, "We have to tell mom, now!" We bought both grandmom's the book: Chicken Soup for the Grandmother's Soul. I put our first sonogram in her book and our due date was written inside. We both walked out of our bedroom and I told her, "We saw this book and thought you might like it." She just stood there looking at the book and looking at me. I don't think she quite knew what to do! She asked if we were serious and of course, well, WE ARE! She congratulated us and gave us both hugs. And then of course hugs from Aunt Patty and Uncle Greg. We still haven't told my mom and dad. We are planning on telling them on April 5th. The fam is coming over for Mom's birthday, so we will break the news then. To be continued...