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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnancy Progression #2

We get to go on a tour of the hospital tomorrow! I am excited to see where we will be for one of the most exciting times of our life. I put together my pregnancy progression #2. This shows me at weeks 24-32. I am still feeling pretty good! Some people will say how good I look and then others will tell me I look like I'm ready to pop. Interesting. I think maybe sometimes comments should be thought and not said out loud. I am still learning all about cloth diapering. I am trying to make as many notes as I can so that I am not caught off guard with different situations. I'm looking forward to the weekend so that I can visit the fabric store to see what other kind of scrap material I can find so I can start sewing some inserts. I also read today how to make wool dryer balls! Apparently these work SO much better than dryer sheets because they don't cause any build up on fabrics. Learning something new everyday!


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Dana said...

Thats awesome! I have been cloth diapering since Stella was born. If you ever have questions, let me know! I am obsessed (its my hobby, lol).