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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Branching Out in the Kitchen

Trent is without a doubt the cook in our family. I can make about 5 meals without a recipe, that's it. The 5 meals that I can make taste good, but it gets repetitive after a while. Especially since nothing really sounds good to me, it's time to learn some more tricks in the kitchen. I've been surfing the web for some easy recipes to make during pregnancy. I spent a small fortune at the grocery store last night, but I think I got some really good stuff. Last night I made tilapia with arugula along with a squash and zucchini blend. It turned out really well.


What you need:
-2 tilapia fillets
-1/2 cup arugula, whole (2 small handfuls)
-whole wheat flour to coat fillets
-1 squash
-1 zucchini
-1/2 cup white onion
-lemon juice

How to make it:
-cut onion into small pieces or to your liking
-throw onion in a wok with olive oil and heat on medium high
-once the onion starts to sizzle, add zucchini and squash
-saute until crisp and tender (about 15-20 minutes)
-salt and pepper zucchini and squash to taste
-coat tilapia fillets on both sides with whole wheat flour
-add 1 tbsp butter to skillet heat on medium heat until butter is melted
-add tilapia fillets and cook on each side for about 4-6 minutes
-top tilapia with arugula, add a few dashes of lemon juice and serve

This meal is so easy it is ridiculous. Everything was ready at the same time and the flavor was amazing. Yumm Yumm.

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