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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I felt great!....for about 2 hours.

My nausea has been really quite terrible. I didn't go to sleep until 3:30 Monday morning because it was so bad. I bought sea-bands which really seem to work amazingly well. I went to put them on today at work, but one is missing! You have to wear a band on each wrist in order for them to be effective. I am so bummed that I lost one. At $11.99 they were not cheap, so I really hate to buy another pair. I am praying that it dropped out of my purse at home or in my car. I also bought ginger gum which has really seemed to help. It is such a terrible feeling knowing that I need to eat and not being able to swallow anything without gagging.

Mom, Dad, David and Linzy came to Tampa last night to eat at TJ's restaurant, Pelagia. It was a birthday celebration for mom/congratulations to me. It was really good to see my mom and dad. I haven't seen them since around the end of January! I felt really great at dinner. I actually ate a whole bowl of ravioli, bread, some salad and a few appetizers. It was parobably the most I have eaten in one sitting since I ate a California Roll over the weekend. I felt great during dinner but then was back to feeling terrible again by the time I got home and started getting into bed. This morning I have felt very crummy. I wish I had my other sea-band!

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